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Fast forward to where and when we are currently; since the removal of some import tax for liquor to Hong Kong in February 2008, Hong Kong has undisputedly become the hub for best liquor delivery in Asia. Millions of spirits are being imported and exported via the ports of Hong Kong every year. Perhaps not all people know that liquor is a derivative of agricultural products: crops are grown, fermented and distilled to create our favourite drinks for us to enjoy. Unfortunately, it is human nature to take things for granted. There is a serious lack of education about this aspect of the liquor store scene in Hong Kong.We unknowingly turn a blind eye to the negative impact on the environment and do not consider the agricultural systems used to develop these crops when buying and consuming liquor in Hong Kong. The conventional processes of making alcohol (which usually involve extensive heating and cooling cycles) are water and energy-intensive, however some alcohol production such as Calvados can be very light on this energy usage.The booming consumption of liquor in Hong Kong is also leading to increased use of liquor bottles and plastic packaging. The problem is further heightened by irresponsible disposal methods of liquor bottles and packaging in Hong Kong, such as illegal dumping, this poses a considerable threat to the environment and human safety; it's down to us!And with the continuous global population growth there comes an increase in demand for liquor and therefore an increase in bottle wastage, this means more glass waste is being thrown into the environment and causing damage to the ecosystem and human beings. Illegal dumping can adversely affect many native species of plants and animals.Green Bottle Co.’s liquor online store in Hong Kong is here to make a difference, and so can you. Do you like the sound of eco-friendly organic tipples?Is there even such a thing, you might ask? How can a single liquor store here in Hong Kong make a difference?Green Bottle Co is incredibly proud to bring 100+ world-changing sustainable liquor brands to you and everyone in Hong Kong with the first all-out sustainable liquor online store — so let's DRINK to that!

Purchasing from a liquor online store and arranging liquor delivery in Hong Kong has never been more popular, especially in the world we live in today. Would you still spend time running around all over the place when it's so much more convenient with a few clicks to shop in a liquor online store that arranges hassle-free liquor delivery in Hong Kong (conveniently on via your mobile phone or laptop)?It's also a fact that you will save money online on your favourite liquor bottles instead of buying from expensive brick-and-mortar liquor Hong Kong stores every time. However, even if you shop in a liquor store in Hong Kong, have you ever thought of whether it might also be possible to contribute to sustainability when you shop online?Well yes! Of course, and that's why we created the Green Bottle Rating system for our liquor online store in Hong Kong — to help consumers who want to drink responsibly but don't know how to choose between the many available bottles.The Green Bottle Ratings are a set of criteria and indicators that aid consumers when shopping for the perfect sustainable bottle of liquor of choice in our liquor online store in Hong Kong. We carefully evaluate each brand and calculate their scoring points; you can learn more about how we have reached the conclusions here. Don't worry; it's not complex thesis-like material, and our liquor store has explained it in simple and easily comprehensible charts.

Time is one of the key factors to a good liquor online store in Hong Kong, where everyone is busy from Monday to Sunday. We get your liquor delivery in Hong Kong sorted out at no extra cost for all online store orders above $800. This includes all areas and locations in Hong Kong, Kowloon or New Territories within two days (or the next day if you are in the city area). Green Bottle Co. has partnered with EcoCart to offset each local liquor delivery by investing in projects that remove the equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere, as will be emitted because of the local liquor delivery in Hong Kong.Green Bottle Co. redefines the meaning of the word accessible by being the most uncomplicated liquor delivery in Hong Kong and online. We are incredibly flexible, and our liquor online store checkout gives you the most choices and payment methods.In a hurry? Or would you like us to come up with liquor Hong Kong corporate gifting ideas? Speak to us, and we will create the perfect gift for your requirements. We can add personalized messages, branded print materials, and even include other sustainable products from our sister companies for your customized gift box. Please send us a message through social media (Facebook & Instagram) or instant messaging (Whatsapp) or call us at 97045451. Our happy customer service representatives are online ready and waiting to help you. We ensure ordering liquor from us will be the easiest shopping experience for everyone, and you will enjoy buying liquor in Hong Kong online. We have done our part to make sustainable spirits more accessible and greener for the environment. Now it's your turn to make sustainable liquor visible and be a part of the change to make the planet a better place.Kindly note that for online liquor delivery orders under $800 in Hong Kong, we charge a delivery fee of $60. If you would like us to not deliver to you and instead have your tipples delivered to a locker service, we have a special liquor delivery arrangement with SF Express Couriers to have this sorted out. SF Express has been a pioneer in the online liquor delivery service in Hong Kong and your bottles are in good hands.

As part of our liquor store’s green initiative, we at Green Bottle Co. use Flexi-Hex®; you'll probably ask, what's that? It's a patented paper board honeycomb-shaped sleeve that's environmentally friendly and provides an even more superior protection than conventional plastic packaging for our liquor bottles.Flexi-Hex® has several advantages, including being more lightweight (12% lighter) and non-toxic; it also reduces waste by 90% compared to other conventional plastic packaging alternatives. Flexi-Hex® is biodegradable, compostable, and is reusable too. This unique yet beautiful cardboard packaging solution is a testament that paper can be stronger than plastic, that quality does not need to come at the detriment of the environment. Switching to plastic-free liquor Hong Kong packaging is easy. Let us do our part and remind others; that only a staggering 1 percent of plastic packaging is recycled, whereas 100 per cent of cardboard packaging is fully recyclable.Now you don't have to feel bad about throwing away your liquor packaging after your first drink! By the way, it's eye candy too, and you can do away with the Christmas wrappings. Find out more about Flexi-Hex® here.

Our liquor store in Hong Kong - Green Bottle Co., is now a proud non-profit partner of 1% For The Planet, an alliance of over 1,100 member companies in 48 countries that give one per cent of revenues to preserve and restore the natural environment.Our planet's urgent issues need so much more than they currently receive. Today, only 3% of philanthropy goes toward environmental giving. We understand the urgency of taking action — We are working to be part of the solution, not the problem. Our liquor store is confident you will agree with us and support the exact cause to create a positive environmental legacy.

First and foremost, our liquor store in Hong Kong strictly does not sell ANY of our bottles to minors and reserve the right to transact, period.Our liquor online store accepts secure Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal payments. We are entirely PCI compliant; what does that mean for you? The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a security standard that handles all credit card and debit card information from our liquor store. Rest assured that your particulars and payment details are secured and safe from fraud.

So, are you ready to pamper yourself with a beautiful, sustainable, eco-friendly bottle of liquor? Or treat a loved one with a unique gift? Our liquor bottles are thoughtful, attractive and make the best practical gifts for new homeowners, weddings, birthdays or no reason required.Go on, choose from the carefully curated, multi-award-winning liquor Hong Kong collection — we'll deliver your lovely package in no time!