Non Alcoholic Drinks

To drink or not to drink "alcohol" — That's like? Really? Are you the (unwilling) designated driver for the evening? Or just simply trying to cut down a little for the overly indulged weeks of partying? Whatever your reasons for not going crazy on the tipples, there is no reason not to enjoy whatever you are drinking.

In Hong Kong (and probably most parts of the world), we have Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day itself, and New Year Part Two here, also known as Chinese New Year — it's just endless drinking, and we are not even talking about the rest of the other holidays. It is all the more reason to be more mindful about what we are consuming; and what we are drinking.

Q: And the recommendations happen to be?

A: Non Alcoholic Drinks (from Green Bottle Co.’s carefully curated collection of non alcoholic drinks in our online shop).