Here is your solution to Sustainable Corporate Gifting


As we welcome the Chinese New Year, it's time to show gratitude to important clients, partners, and employees. But rather than defaulting to typical seasonal gifts filled with single-use plastic, why not celebrate prosperity and new beginnings the eco-friendly way with Green Bottle Co. corporate gifting?

Our carefully curated selection of eco-conscious wines and spirits provides a meaningful way to ring in abundant fortune while also spreading goodwill. Impress partners and colleagues with purposeful gifts that align with your corporate social responsibility, are useful beyond the holiday, and support wineries and distilleries with vision dedicated to sustainability.

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Green Bottle Co. has partnered up with Flexi-hex, each gift pack promotes your commitment to reducing single-use plastics, supporting organic producers and choosing ethical suppliers. Custom selections allow you to align your gift with specific ESG focus areas important to your business or clientele.

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Our friendly team will assist you from start to finish:

1. Choose the perfect bottle 

2. Customise your packaging

3. Deliver to your door

Email us today to discuss options aligned with your organization's ESG reporting, goals and brand values. Or, you can Whatsapp us for a quick quote or question. We look forward to working with you for your next event or the upcoming holiday season.

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