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Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky

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Hibiki is the culmination of the Japanese art of blending and expert craftsmanship, with a healthy heaping of luxury thrown in for good measure. The brand was launched in 1989 to celebrate the brand Suntory's 90th birthday, and it's become Japan's most highly awarded blended whisky of all time. More than that, Hibiki takes the honor of being among the most prestigious whiskies the world over. '

Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky is both delicate and luminous with a wonderful complexity. The amber-colored liquid smells of rosemary, rose, lychee and sandalwood, paving the way for a honey-like sweetness with notes of white chocolate and candied orange peel. As for the finish, Hibiki Japanese Haromy is subtle with a hint of Japanese oak, which lingers on the palate.

It’s best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a bit of water added. Japanese whisky pairs remarkably well with Japanese food, so don't be afraid to drink it with sashimi, sushi or a strong fermented fish. It also makes a wonderful cocktail, such as the Sokaiya, which consists of Hibiki, bitter Sencha green tea and ginger liqueur.


43% ABV / 700ml


Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky既精緻又明亮,具有美妙的複雜性。琥珀色的液體散發出迷迭香、玫瑰、荔枝和檀香的香氣,為蜜糖般的甜味鋪平道路,帶有白巧克力和蜜餞橙皮的味道。至於收結,Hibiki Japanese Harmony帶有微妙的日本橡木氣息,在口中久久縈繞。


酒精度43% / 700毫升

Red berries, green apple and layers of rich honey.

Melted butter and caramelised dates. A hint of fragrant sandalwood develops into warming, oak-y spice.

Brown sugar, citrus peels, white grape and black pepper.

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