Puchang Rkatsiteli 2019

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Xinjiang, China

The Puchang story began in 2008 when Mr. K.K. Cheung, an entrepreneur from Hong Kong, decided to dedicate his passion and effort in producing the best wines from Xinjiang, aiming to change the world’s perception on winemaking in China. Today, it is extremely rewarding to see Puchang wines obtaining awards at a number of international wine competitions whilst Xinjiang’s viticulture has gained much recognition by international wine experts.

Rkatsiteli is one of the oldest grape varietal originated from Georgia. It was introduced to China in 1956 and yields a good sugar level with high natural acidity. This variety produces balanced white wines. Typical Rkatsiteli is crisp with hints of apple and minerals on the palette.

13.5% ABV / 750ml

這款酒來自中國新疆,是Puchang酒莊的產品。Puchang的故事始於2008年,當時香港企業家Mr. K K Cheung決定投入他的熱情和努力,生產最好的新疆葡萄酒,旨在改變世界對中國葡萄酒製作的看法。今天,看到Puchang酒莊的葡萄酒在許多國際葡萄酒比賽中獲得獎項,同時新疆的葡萄種植業得到了國際葡萄酒專家的高度認可,這是非常有成就感的。


酒精度13.5% / 750毫升

Pale straw yellow. Mineral, flinty even nuances to the orchard and stone fruit aromas Clean and precise, with vibrant acidity lifting the apricot, nectarine and apple flavors on the long classically dry fresh finish. Outstanding wine of noteworthy purity and balance.

Puchang follow strict organic farming and winemaking methods to ensure sustainable development of the entire wine region. Through using only organic, non-chemical substances to farm Puchang was accredited by Ecocert, an international inspection and certification institution for organic farming in 2013.

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