Unico Zelo Sea Foam Fiano 2021 (Pét-Nat)

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Riverland, South Australia

Sea Foam V.2 is here! Few tweaks and changes since our out of the box smash debut release of Pet Nat - namely, a variety change. For the very first time, Unico Zelo snagged some red hot Vermentino from the Riverland to make the core of this bubbly boi, alongside a small dose of Fiano. We reckon it’s made the wine EVEN better.

Sea Foam is still as salty yet refreshing as ever. Unico Zelo took the bowl of nashi pears & green apples that were the core of the wine and added a touch more white nectarine, frangipani and a whiff of grassy freshness. Sea Foam is as close to the pure distillation of spring that they've ever released. Tips: it's also vegan friendly!

12.5% ABV / 750ml


Sea Foam V.2來了!自從我們首次推出Pet Nat以來,Sea Foam V.2進行了一些微調和改變 - 主要是品種的改變。Unico Zelo第一次從Riverland捕捉到了火熱的Vermentino,作為這款泡沫酒的核心,還加入了少量的Fiano。我們認為這使得酒更好了。

Sea Foam仍然像以往一樣咸鹹可口。Unico Zelo將成為這款酒核心的亞洲梨和青蘋果加入了更多的白色油桃、鳳梨花和一絲青草的清新氣息。Sea Foam是他們曾經推出過的最純粹的春季蒸餾物。提示:這款酒也適合素食主義者!


Unico Zelo is a certified B Corporation, dedicated to being held to the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. A business as a force of good.

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