Champagne & Sparkling

Before anything else is taken into consideration, you know that all grapes are sourced locally in Champagne, an area of just over 34,000 hectares. And now over 40% of that growing area has been certified “sustainable”, meaning that biodiversity on the land is encouraged and improved. Spraying of pesticides and insecticides is either eliminated or drastically reduced. In fact, through improvement of methods producers have mostly been able to replace more than 50% of insecticides. Spraying that occurs, uses organic certified materials. Water management is carefully taken care of (including wastewater, which is now 100% recycled or treated). To achieve certification, the overall impact on the environment must be low.

So aside from the carbon footprint incurred by shipping Champagne from France, champagne delivery is one of the best choices if you’d like to reduce your impact on the environment when you shop for champagne in Hong kong.