What's all the fuss about No & Low?

The No & Low Alcohol (NoLo) movement took the world by storm during the pandemic, with sales in the category growing by 17% in 2021 in the UK alone.

Apparently alcohol consumption has been on the decline for the past decade at least, but until recently that didn't translate to a boost in sales in the "Non-Alc" sector. So what changed? 

Along Came Seedlip

Seedlip founder Ben Branson

In 2015, after a couple of years tinkering, Ben Branson launched Seedlip Non-Alcoholic spirits in Selfridges, London. His first 1,000 handmade bottles sold out within three weeks, the 2nd thousand in 3 days, and the 3rd in 30 minutes – and that was just online. 

Ben had landed on a unique solution to a common problem. Because of his desire to drink something non-alcoholic in a fine dining setting, that wasn't bright pink and sugary, he created Seedlip - a “spirit” that acts like a Gin, and was designed to go perfectly with tonic. 

Is Nolo only about "Spirits"Then?

Absolutely not! The category includes wines, beers and ready-to-drink options as well. Pre- Seedlip the quality level of NoLo drinks was very poor. Non-Alc wine tasted like grape juice and Non-Alc beer tasted like soda water with some beer flavouring. 

Today, brands are investing time, money and energy into matching (or even bettering in some cases), the flavour profile of their alcoholic counterparts. One big step in the Sparkling category, has been to make wine in the traditional way (including fermentation), and then dealcoholising it, meaning the flavour and mouthfeel from the alcoholic version is retained. 

Our Personal Favourite

Noughty Syrah is a smooth and well-balanced red wine that exhibits ripe fruit characteristics, crushed black pepper, and dried rose petals. It’s made from Syrah grapes grown on dry land in Darling, South Africa, and aged for 12 months. The grapes are grown in strategic locations so that they receive the warm sun and the cooling winds.

This sophisticated wine is low in sugar, calories, and is B Corp certified, making it suitable for anyone.

Begin your No/Low Alcohol Journey

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