How Drinking Avallen Can Help Remove Carbon and Boost Biodiversity

Made from nothing but real apples, water and love — Avallen Calvados is a deliciously refreshing drink that gives bees a boost and is genuinely sustainable. The brand's founders are on a mission to make the world a better place:

Carbon negative
Every bottle of Avallen helps remove 2.73 kilos of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, equivalent to driving an average car for 13 miles. Its unique eco-friendly packaging uses apple pulp for the label while using only water for the distillation process. Avallen uses 95% less water than benchmark spirits; a bottle of bourbon uses a whopping 13 litres of water, while Avallen requires only 1.7 litres.

1% For The Planet
Joining 1% for the Planet, Avallen has committed to protecting the world's wild bee populations - a "BEE MORE" cause close to its heart. Bees and other pollinators, which play a crucial part in global food chains, have seen a dramatic decline in numbers in the past century due largely to the increased use of modern pesticides. Avallen already supports organisations dedicated to restoring and protecting bee populations and encourages others worldwide to do the same through its #BeePositive message. The company is also committed to planting 10,000 wildflowers globally over the next three years to help pollinator populations.

Certified B Corp
Avallen has been committed to being a sustainable, environmentally friendly brand and is B-Corp brand certified. The brand's credentials that helped it secure the B-Corp status were its eco-friendly production methods, use of three ingredients (apples, water and time) and recyclable packaging (recycled glass bottles and apple pulp labels). The brand strives to reduce inequality, lower poverty, create a healthier environment, stronger communities, and high-quality jobs with 'dignity and purpose'.

 Avallen strongly believes that promoting regenerative agriculture in our food & drink supply chain is pivotal to tackling climate emergencies and catastrophic biodiversity loss. The company has been recognised as the world's most sustainable spirit at the 2021 Drinks Business 'Green Awards' and Just-Drinks Excellence Awards and 'Best Speciality Calvados' at the World Calvados Awards.
Avallen & TonicHow do you drink Avallen Calvados?
Avallen has a unique blend of apple, custard, honeysuckle, toffee and vanilla flavours that make it a treat for everyone. Due to its fruity, appley flavour, Avallen is a great way to add complex apple flavours to gin cocktails and other serves like this Avallen & Tonic recipe:

Avallen & Tonic
The Angostura Bitters in this recipe add a touch of spice and work wonders with the Calvados' apple tones. The tonic then offers a completely refreshing effervescent base that's subtly bitter.

50ml Avallen Calvados
Two dashes of Angostura Bitters (optional)
Premium tonic water to top
- Combine your ingredients in a glass with lots of ice. Stir and garnish. Serve and enjoy!

Avallen Appletini
Avallen Appletini
The astounding richness of the Gin's juniper is the perfect complement to the syrupy delight of the Calvados in this cocktail recipe. A touch of lemon gives it a wonderful hint of tang, and the vanilla syrup rounds up the whole experience.

25ml Avallen Calvados
25ml Gin (we highly recommend Mermaid Gin)
15ml Vanilla Syrup
15ml fresh lemon juice
50ml apple juice
- Combine your ingredients in a shaker or stirring glass with lots of ice and stir well — strain into a glass. Garnish, serve and enjoy!

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