The Sustainable Way to Provencal Rosé - Château Galoupet


About the Founder

In 2019, Château Galoupet was re-founded by Jessica Julmy with the vision to create elevated wine expressions of the land and terroir, but also the flora and fauna across the estate; a sanctuary for biodiversity; a blueprint for organic viticulture; and a lighthouse for sustainability for Moët Hennessy.

Sustainability Credentials

  Cover Cropping & Agroforestry

Sanctuary for Wildlife

Queen Bee nursery on site

 Resistant Grape Varieties & Biodynamic trails

Eco-Friendly glass and bottle design

Our Personal Favourite


Nose: Complex and intense on white fruit (peach), citrus fruit and bitter almonds complemented by delicate floral aromas

Palate: Full bodied, layered with a long & mineral finish that evokes the Mediterranean sea breeze which blows through our vineyard

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