The 5 Most Sustainable Spirits to Drink at Home Right Now

Alcohol distillation is energy-intensive, and it unavoidably negatively impacts the environment. Liquor companies around the globe are working towards reducing their carbon footprint to negate their adverse climate impact by strengthening sustainable liquor production. While "drink responsibly" is often heard, you rarely, if ever, are told to "drink eco-responsibly."

Would you like to do (drink) your part? Here are five brands we highly recommend:

A bottle of The Botanist Gin with two glasses of mixed Gin and Tonic cocktails being served with lime slices

The Botanist's flagship Gin has an earthy character with flavours of juniper, coriander, and cinnamon. It is a distilled spirit produced on the island of Islay in Scotland. The Botanics of the island is handpicked and harvested sustainably to create this spirit. The botanics' mission is to preserve the island's natural biodiversity, so every bottle of Botanist donates £5 to plant conservation projects and helps 20 botanic gardens protect endangered plant species.

A bottle of Bruichladdich whisky with a glass poured with a generous serving on a table

The Bruichladdich distillery is making history by becoming the first B-Corporation in Scotland. This designation is bestowed on businesses that pass a rigorous assessment of their social and environmental credentials and commit to transparency and accountability principles. They also support initiatives to increase biodiversity, such as establishing The Botanist Foundation. These efforts are helping the Scottish countryside to keep its wild and untouched ecosystems healthy.

A bottle of Mermaid Gin served with two Gin and Tonic cocktails on a dining table

The maker of Mermaid Gin, Isle of Wight Distillery, proudly achieved its goal of becoming a Net Zero brand one year after going plastic-free. The certified Net Zero distillery is off-setting its carbon emissions by supporting two carbon-positive projects. The first is working with the Ocean Foundation on seagrass growing in Puerto Rico's Jobos Bay Reserve, helping preserve biodiversity and improve water quality. The second is With One Seed, a social enterprise in Indonesia's East Timor that works to replant and fight poverty in the region. All Mermaid's products are plastic-free, 100-per-cent recyclable bottles, plant-based biodegradable seals, and right down to the stopper made from sustainably sourced cork.

A collection of five assorted bottles of Fair Spirits on a table in a bar setting

Fair Spirits is a global brand of ethically made spirits that sources ingredients from small farmers from Bolivia, Mexico, and other countries. Fair's organic vodkas use only water from the most sustainable regions - Their signature fair-trade vodkas come in various flavours, including a lemon and orange flavour. And because they're made from 100% organic grain, they are naturally gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and all-natural with no carbs. The company stands by their commitment to ending hunger, poverty, and overexploitation.

A woman preparing a glass of Avallen Calvados cocktail with honey, lemon and spices

Avallen is a Calvados brand that's made from sustainably harvested apples. It is distilled from cider in Northern France and aged in French oak casks for at least two years. The brand was launched in the UK in May and quickly spread to the Nordics, Ireland, and Spain. The award-winning spirit has also won accolades such as 'Green Launch of the Year' at the Drinks Business Green Awards and was shortlisted for Best Company at the 2020 Sustainability in Spirits Awards and the World Calvados Awards. Each Avellen bottle sold includes a donation of 1% for the planet and effectively contributes to removing 2.73kg of CO2e from our atmosphere.

Let's raise glasses and "drink eco-responsibly" — without giving mother nature a hangover!

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