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About the Founder

N.I.P. Gin Founders

With neither coming from a drinks industry backgrounds, but fuelled with a passion for distilling, Hong Kong natives Nic Law and Jeremy Li,  headed to Strathearn Distillery (Scotland) in 2017 to gain their distilling qualifications.

Upon returning home, Nic & Jeremy secured premises in Quarry Bay and spent the next 18 months building a distillery - and jumping through hoops continually thrown in their way by the Hong Kong government. The perseverance paid off and in December 2019 the boys finally brought to market the first every Hong Kong made gin.

Sustainability Credentials 


  Made in Hong Kong!

 If there's one thing that every human being can do to help fight the Climate Crisis, it's to buy local whenever possible. This might come in the form of choosing seasonal fruits grown near to where you live, or in this case, a bottle of Gin produced in your own back yard. 

 Most Gins available in Hong Kong are shipped from Europe or the US, resulting in unnecessary carbon emissions. That's why we reward purchases of Hong Kong made products with a bonus 200 Green Card  points. 

Our Personal Favourite




This special edition has incorporated traditional Chinese tea into the distillation. The star of the show being Phoenix Honey Orchard (鳳凰單欉玉蘭香), a tea that is lightly roasted and fermented to give off a floral fragrance and fruity palate, with a hint of peach and tropic fruits. 

 The only other botanicals included were juniper berries, grapefruit peel and ginger - which has allowed the tea to shine through and work its magic in combination with the more traditional gin flavours.



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