Why you should take part in Dry Jan 2024

As the New Year dawns, bringing with it the mantra of "New Year, New Me," what better way to embrace positive change than with a Dry Jan resolution? After a season filled with festive celebrations and joyous parties, it's time to shift gears and prioritize self-care. Detox and "me time" take center stage, making a sober month a compelling and rejuvenating choice.

In this guide, we'll help you navigate your Dry Jan journey, highlighting the diverse alcohol free alternatives available to elevate your experience. For a comprehensive roadmap to success in Dry January, don't forget to check out our blog: Top Tips to Navigate Dry January 2024 Successfully.


What is Dry Jan?

Dry Jan, a movement urging a break from alcohol for the entire month of January, is your chance to embrace health and vitality in the New Year.


The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Recent data reflects a significant rise in the popularity of non-alcoholic beverages, indicating a growing trend towards healthier choices. This Dry Jan, join the movement and explore alternatives that match the complexity of traditional drinks.


Exploring Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Dive into the world of Seedlip, the epitome of non-alcoholic sophistication. Crafted from Seed to Lip, Seedlip offers a variety of flavors, each a unique experience. From the aromatic Spice 94 to the citrus Grove 42, elevate your Dry Jan with a selection that suits your palate. 


Alcohol-Free Wines for Dry Jan

Indulge in the rich taste of wine without the alcohol with our exquisite Noughty collection. This Dry Jan, explore the variety of Noughty options, from the sparkling Noughty Chardonnay to the classic Noughty Syrah, ensuring your celebration is as diverse as your taste.


Green Bottle Co. Offerings

Embrace guilt-free indulgence with our range of 0% ABV drinks, designed for those who seek the social aspects of drinking without the alcohol content. For this Dry Jan, we are offering special discounts to help you kickstart your healthy lifestyle.


Non- Alcoholic Spirits

Shop Seedlip Non Alcoholic Spirits Range on Green Bottle Co.: Herbal Garden 108, Citrus Grove 42, Aromatic Spice 94.



Alcohol Free Wine Noughty

Shop Noughty Alcohol Free Wine Range on Green Bottle Co.: Sparkling Chardonnay, Sparkling Rosé, Still Blanc, Syrah Red and Provence style Rosé.


Seize the opportunity to make this Dry Jan a truly exceptional experience. Elevate your celebrations with the diverse non-alcoholic alternatives. For a more in-depth guide to success in Dry January, explore our blog: Top Tips to Navigate Dry January 2024 Successfully. Cheers to a Dry Jan that transcends expectations!

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