Introducing 3-Bottle Packs

Do you always struggle to make decisions on what to buy for who during the gifting season? Well, this year’s going to be different! Choose one of our Green Bottle Co. 3 Bottle Packs and you've got ready-made gifts, without all the difficult decision making.

Don’t worry, there's something for everyone whether you’re gifting a wine lover, gin lover or even a Whiskey aficionado.

Sustainable Packaging

Not only have we curated some great bottle sets for you, but each 3 Bottle Pack is sent out in 100% Plastic Free packaging and is protected by Flexi Hex® bottle protectors. This means you can be extra sure that whoever you are treating, will be suitably impressed with one of these Eco-friendly gifts. 

Shop our 3 Bottle Packs now!

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