How to upcycle your empty bottles

Want to add something a bit special to decorate your home? Or, looking for a unique gift for those hard-to-please friends and family this festive season? Well, upcycling your used wine, whisky or gin bottles is a creative and eco-friendly thing to do - and its so easy too! 

Keep it Simple

upcycle bottles tutorial

If you have a quick Google, you'll see loads of DIY instructions on how to create this effect. Many of them include drills, wiring and complicated steps. Here at Green Bottle Co. we like to keep things simple. That’s why we have created a Christmas Lights Bundle with these LED Lights.

Yes, you'll be limited to using bottles with the standard neck diameter, but let's be honest that's the shape of most wine bottles and good amount of spirit bottles as well. It's up to you if you want to keep the label on or scrape it off. 

Get the Christmas Lights Bundle here

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