Happy New Year

Welcome to 2023! We had a blast launching Green Bottle Co. last year, but a few of the team probably drunk and ate a bit too much in December...

A Dry January is good for you

For those who don't know, Dry January is when you don't drink any alcohol for the whole month of Jan. It’s a great way to kick off the New Year - and can benefit you in lots of ways:

  • be in a better mood
  • be sleeping more soundly
  • be feeling less bloated or even dropping a few pounds
  • be saving money 

Don't Worry We've got you!

The small problem with Dry January... is when you start to miss the alcohol!! (usually around about week 2).  But fear not, we have a wide range of non-alcoholic bottles for you to choose from. 

Why not try Noughty, a brand that specialises in non-alcoholic wines, or Seedlip, which is famous for their awesome range of non-alcoholic spirits. 

So, no matter whether you just need a quick fix or are simply starting a new journey sans alcohol, we’ve got you covered.

Begin your low alcohol journey

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