Unico Zelo Jungle Jungle Dolcetto 2022

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Polish Hill River Clare Valley, Adelaide Hils & Langhorne Creek

The Unico Zelo Cherry Fields is a red wine made from the Dolcetto grape, sourced from a family-owned vineyard in the Polish Hill River region of Clare Valley, which is perfectly suited to a variety like Dolcetto. The warm days bring bright, ripe fruit. The cool nights let it retain its natural acidity. The Clare Valley's signature herbaceousness gives it a fragrant edge. Bright plums and cherries are jam-packed in the glass, with svelte and moreish tannins. This is one of those wines that just disappears before you know it, especially when lightly chilled on a warm spring day! Enjoy whilst eating with your hands for maximum deliciousness and supreme refreshment. Welcome to the Jungle Jungle.

13.5% ABV / 750ml


Unico Zelo Cherry Fields是一款由Dolcetto葡萄製成的紅酒,來自克萊爾谷波蘭希爾河地區的一個家族擁有的葡萄園,非常適合像Dolcetto這樣的品種。溫暖的日子帶來明亮、成熟的水果,涼爽的夜晚讓它保持其天然酸度。克萊爾谷的標誌性草本味給它帶來了芳香的邊緣。明亮的李子和櫻桃塞滿了玻璃杯,帶有纖巧而令人垂涎的單寧。這是一款那種在你意識到之前就已經消失的葡萄酒,尤其是在溫暖的春天輕輕冷藏後!在享用時,用手拿起食物,可以得到最大的美味和極致的清爽感。歡迎來到叢林叢林。


A delicious and refreshing wine, light and fruity but big enough to stand up to the strong flavours found in delicious Italian cooking – which is what this wine should be enjoyed with.

Unico Zelo is a certified B Corporation, dedicated to being held to the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. A business as a force of good.

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