Unico Zelo Jade & Jasper Fiano 2018

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Waikerie, Riverland, South Australia

The Alpha & Omega of Unico Zelo. When discovering the ability of Fiano's incredible to be dry grown in the Riverland, a bonafide desert, it set us on the path that we were set to follow. It also certainly helps that the wine produced from it is nothing short of a delight. Elegant whiffs of jasmine and white peach blossoms, racy and crackling acidity with distinct Fiano texture. One of those white wines that can suit almost any situation calling for a good glass - it's destined for the lunch table.

 A Sunshine Slurper.

12.5% ABV / 750ml

Unico Zelo的Alpha & Omega。當我們發現Fiano在沙漠中的Riverland地區有能力生長乾栽時,這使我們走上了我們需要遵循的道路。而且,從中生產出的葡萄酒絕對不會讓人失望。優雅的茉莉花和白桃花香氣,帶有獨特的Fiano質感,活潑而爽脆的酸度。這是一款適合搭配任何需要一杯好酒的場合的白酒 - 它注定要出現在午餐桌上。



Elegant whiffs of white peach blossoms, crackling acidity with distinct Fiano texture. A Sunshine Slurper.

Unico Zelo is a certified B Corporation, dedicated to being held to the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. A business as a force of good.

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