Unico Cello Limoncello

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Made from a safely guarded recipe - two different types of lemons grown in Montacute Valley, Adelaide Hills (the original home of citrus growing in South Australia), a little mandarin peel and pure Adelaide Hills water!

But why is this Limoncello so important? Well, some might call lemons "ugly" all due to their odd shape and different size, meaning not everyone wants them. After unsuccessful attempts to sell these lemons to supermarkets,  the growers decided to remove the 150 year old trees. To help preserve this historic orchard, Applewood Distillery put up their hands and promised to buy all whole crop to make their delicious Limoncello. They hand peeled all those lemons to produce such a delicious drop. 

It is our labour of love. Literally! We spend 12 hours hand peeling lemons from the orchard to produce this delicious drop. In fact, we have a family ritual of taking turns to peel a couple of buckets a day. Everyone chips in!

We think all lemons are beautiful and hope you do too. Saluti!

20% ABV / 500ml

這款Limoncello使用了一個安全保護的配方 - 在阿德萊德山脈Montacute Valley種植的兩種不同類型的檸檬(南澳洲柑橘種植的原始家園),一點兒的柑橘皮和純凈的阿德萊德山脈水!





Slightly cloudy pale lime-green. Issues a fabulously pure, lifted citrus bouquet of lemon pith / peel with marginal loss in intensity after 2-3 minutes air contact. A superb 'creme-de-lemon' in the mouth with a sweet, unctuous, toothcoating texture and delicate acidity. Lemon meringue and citrus oils through the lengthy aftertaste.

Unico Zelo is a certified B Corporation, dedicated to being held to the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. A business as a force of good.


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45ml Unico Cello
15ml Australian Gin
90ml Sparkling Wine

Serve in a wine glass with lots of ice. Top with soda. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

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