Two Moons Five Flower Tea Gin

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A classic representation of comfort, Five Flowers Tea has long been a famous quick-fix remedy in Hong Kong to detoxify the body, cleanse heat and expel fatigue. Taking inspiration from this ancient concoction, our all new Five Flowers Tea Gin 2.0 with a revamped formula crafted in collaboration with celebrity mixologist Antonio Lai and his creative team at speakeasy bar ROOM 309, reinterprets a traditional herbal drink in a whole new format, enabling us to evolve with modern times while still honoring traditions that root us.

47% ABV / 700ml

作為舒適的經典代表,五花茶一直是香港著名的快速療法,可以排毒,清熱和消除疲勞。受到這種古老調製方法的啟發,我們全新的Five Flowers Tea Gin 2.0與名人調酒師Antonio Lai和他的創意團隊在speakeasy酒吧ROOM 309合作,重新演繹了傳統的中藥飲料,使我們能夠隨著現代時代的發展而進化,同時仍然尊重植根於我們的傳統。


Herbal, earthy and soothing. On the nose, a floral bouquet of chrysanthemum (菊花) tempts you in for an inviting sip. On the palate, sweet notes of frangipani (雞蛋花) and self-heal (夏枯草) linger before transitioning into earthy, tangy notes of honeysuckle (金銀花) and silk cotton (木棉花).

Made in Hong Kong.


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50ml Gin
100ml Tonic

Fill a highball glass with ice, then add the gin. Top with the tonic water and gently stir. Garnish with lemon peel.

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