Tsukino Katsura 'The Branché'

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Developed with the aim of creating a fruity, refreshing and easy-to-drink flavor for those who are trying saké for the first time (The taste is catered for Europeans and saké first timers.)
By using the latest Kyoto yeast "Kyo no Koi", which was put into practical use in the fall of 2019, it has a mellow fruity scent like pear, while expressing a refreshing and sharp acidity.
It is a sake with a new flavor that goes well with dishes and cheeses that use herbs and olive oil.


11-15% ABV / 720ml

此款清酒是為那些初次嘗試清酒的人或歐洲人而開發,旨在創造一種果香、清爽且容易入口的口味。採用了2019年秋季開始實際使用的最新京都酵母「Kyo no Koi」,具有梨子般的柔和果香,同時表現出清爽而鮮明的酸度。這是一款新風格的清酒,非常適合搭配使用草藥和橄欖油的菜餚和奶酪。


It is brewed with "Kyo no Koi Yeast" used for the first time in this product. For beginners of Japanese Saké, it has a fruity and refreshing taste. Very suitable for French and Italian cuisine, as well as dishes made with herbs and olive oil.

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