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Tsukinokatsura 'Nakagumi' Junmai Nigori (Lightly Sparkling)


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Founded in 1675, Tsuki no Katsura is one of the oldest sake brewers in the Fushimi area of ​​Kyoto, the ancestor of Japanese "Nigori sake" and "vintage sake". The innovative spirit and unremitting efforts of the thirteenth generation Masuda Tokubei not only made "Tsuki no Katsura Nigori Sake" famous in the Japanese sake market in it's 1965 debut, but also vigorously promoted the development of the entire sake industry. It is also one of the most important factors in the classification of Japanese sake new species - "Nigori にごり Sake".

 11-15% ABV 

The natural fine bubbles generated by the secondary fermentation in the bottle burst on the tongue, creating a smooth texture.

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