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Established in 1675, it is the oldest sake brewery in the Fushimi area of ​​Kyoto. 

Newly developed products for the European market in 2020. "Branche" means "the latest technology" in French.

Based on the sand texture of Kyoto's mountains and rivers, the label is full of concise and modern taste of Japanese aesthetics.


11-15% ABV / 720ml

The fragrance of flowers such as plum, lotus, lily, azalea, wisteria and daffodil, and fruit fragrance such as lychee, white peach, green banana, melon, apple and pear come out as the temperature of alcohol rises. There is also a refreshing scent of fern, cedar leaves, fresh green, young bamboo and water trickling out of rocks. It has a good balance of light sweetness and sourness, and the mild taste spreads elegantly. Afterwards, you can feel a dry sensation with a slightly pungent and light bitterness. At the end, the fragrance like a white flower gives you a refreshing sense, leaving a feeling of comfort.

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