Tsukino Katsura Junmai Ginjo

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A junmai ginjo saké with a complex yet elegant taste that perfectly blends the fruity aroma reminiscent of green apples and strawberries with the original umami of rice. It has a smooth mouthfeel and a good aftertaste, and you can enjoy the aftertaste of alternating sourness, bitterness, and sweetness.
The umami and gorgeous aroma of the rice will stand out even more when paired with olive oil and fresh fish carpaccio.


11-15% ABV / 720ml




The fragrance of flowers such as plum, lotus, lily, azalea, wisteria and daffodil, and fruit fragrance such as lychee, white peach, green banana, melon, apple and pear come out as the temperature of alcohol rises. There is also a refreshing scent of fern, cedar leaves, fresh green, young bamboo and water trickling out of rocks. It has a good balance of light sweetness and sourness, and the mild taste spreads elegantly. Afterwards, you can feel a dry sensation with a slightly pungent and light bitterness. At the end, the fragrance like a white flower gives you a refreshing sense, leaving a feeling of comfort.


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