Suntory Roku Gin - Green Bottle Co.
Suntory Roku Gin - Green Bottle Co.
Suntory Roku Gin - Green Bottle Co.
Suntory Roku Gin - Green Bottle Co.

Suntory Roku Gin


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A journey through the four seasons with six Japanese botanicals.

In Japanese, Roku translates as the number six. Inside every bottle of Roku Gin, you will find six very special botanicals that are sourced in Japan. These represent Suntory’s commitment to only use the best ingredients harvested from the best growing areas in Japan. Every aspect of Roku Gin is crafted by Japanese artisans with a centuries-old tradition of meticulous attention to detail.

Not only are Roku Gin’s ingredients of the highest quality, many are also uniquely Japanese and, therefore, best understood by Japanese artisans. Suntory’s mastery of this process is the result of extensive experience gained over decades making gin. Suntory developed its own multiple distillation process as a result of the special features each botanical brings to Roku Gin’s perfectly balanced mix.


43% ABV / 700ml

Cherry blossom and green tea provide a floral and sweet aroma.

Complex, multi layered, yet harmonious flavour of various botanicals. Traditional gin taste in the base, plus characteristic Japanese botanical notes with yuzu as the top note. Smooth and silky texture.

The crisp Japanese sansho pepper brings a little spiciness to the finish.

how we like to serve


50ml ROKU Gin
25ml Lemon Juice
15ml Green Tea Syrup
25ml Egg White

Add all ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake hard for 15 seconds and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with Matcha Powder.

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