Smallfry Pimpernel 2023

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A further extension into the fresh young red space from our Joven starting point, Pimpernel takes us where angels fear to tread. Suzi especially wanted to explore a whole bunch fermented reductive style and Trousseau is the perfect vehicle. Just a minimal SO2 add and bottled en casa this is natural wine in anyone’s language. Previously we have used the old vine Trousseau/Bastardo in our Joven blend and I have seen it as dark fruits, Mulberry, Blackberry but in this wine it seems to me more red fruited and rhubarby, nice herbal from the whole bunch and fitting the brief of juicy, smashable, complex and interesting.

Vegan friendly.

ABV 13.0%

Pimpernel是我們從Joven開始的新鮮年輕紅酒領域的進一步擴展,它帶領我們走向天使們不敢涉足的地方。Suzi特別想要探索整串發酵的還原風格,而Trousseau是完美的載體。只添加了極少量的二氧化硫,並在我們的酒窖中瓶裝,這是任何人都能理解的天然酒。以前,我們在Joven混合酒中使用了老葡萄樹的Trousseau / Bastardo,我認為它是黑色水果,桑椹,黑莓,但在這款酒中,它對我來說更多的是紅色水果和大黃,整串的草本香氣很好,符合果汁般的,易飲,複雜,有趣的要求。



Colour: Cherry red and murky.

Aroma: Rhubarb, herbal, cranberry, earth.

Palate: Light and bright, some nice stalky tannin.

Summary: Banging right now, why waste any time?

Howard's Folly are not only passionate about wine, they are keen sponsors of the visual arts and give back to the community by supporting the Sovereign Art Foundation.

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