Shaw + Smith Riesling 2021

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Adelaide Hills, Australia

Shaw + Smith have a long-standing love of Riesling and believe the Adelaide Hills can produce fine examples with ageing potential.

This is a Riesling that is both intense and textural. The 2021 vintage was a terrific year for Riesling with slightly larger berries that gave the wines great flavour and purity. Perfectly balanced flavours include exotic fruits, citrus and orange blossom. The length is long and profound.

The growing season for the 2021 vintage was terrific, a joy after the traumas of 2020. Soaking winter rains gave us plenty of moisture in the soil, and that flowed into healthy crops. The summer was mild, with slow ripening giving the grapes lots of flavour and intensity. A great aperitif or drink with fish and chips. Ideal temperature is 6-8°C.


11.5% ABV / 750ml

Shaw + Smith對雷司令葡萄有著悠久的熱愛,並相信亞得萊德山可以生產出具有陳年潛力的優質葡萄酒。



11.5%酒精度/ 750毫升

This is one of those sneaky wines that manages to hide their qualities until the finish and aftertaste, when all heaven breaks free. Its mix of lime, lemon, Granny Smith apple and white peach all demand a place.

Shaw + Smith has always used sustainable, environmentally sensitive practices including farming individual blocks organically, using sheep to control weeds, facilitating beneficial insects in the vineyard and using seaweed fertilisers, and now use no herbicides, synthetic fertilisers or fungicides.

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