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Perfume Trees Coffee Liqueur

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Pale Ink uses Perfume Trees Gin as the spirit base, capturing the memories and fragrance of Hong Kong. There are countless ways to retell the stories of a city, but nothing does it quite as well as using locally grown botanicals and the stories and culture each one carries.

The coffee beans used in the first batch of Pale Ink were selected by Gary Au, founder of “Urban Coffee Roasters”. The beans are from Ethiopia and roasted in Hong Kong. Using a double, cold brew method - developed by Perfume Trees Gin - the roasted beans are then infused into the spirit, preserving their true, floral notes.

Pale Ink uses Natvia - a zero-calorie natural sweetener extract - as a substitute for sugar, so every 100ml of Pale Ink has less than 150 calories (20% less calories than vodka). This is a healthier alternative for the health-conscious consumer since commercial coffee liqueurs generally contain up to 60g of sugar which is around 400 calories.

The average coffee liqueur is often used as a mixer - and almost never drunk neat - since it’s generally heavily sweetened. Since Pale Ink uses Natvia instead of sugar, it is much less sweet and can be enjoyed neat. Perfume Trees Gin recommends trying Pale Ink for the first time either neat on the rocks, or with a dash of soda or tonic water to taste. These methods will enhance its coffee aroma to the fullest. Besides making classic cocktail recipes, like an Espresso Martini, Pale Ink would be a great addition to desserts, like the classic Tiramisu.


25% ABV / 500ml

Pale Ink使用Perfume Trees Gin作為基酒,捕捉香港的記憶和香氣。有無數種重新講述一個城市的故事的方法,但沒有什麼比使用當地種植的植物以及每個植物所承載的故事和文化更好的方式了。

Pale Ink的第一批咖啡豆是由“Urban Coffee Roasters”的創始人Gary Au選擇的。這些豆子來自埃塞俄比亞,並在香港烘焙。使用由Perfume Trees Gin開發的雙重、冷萃法,將烘焙過的咖啡豆注入基酒中,保留它們真實的花香味道。

Pale Ink使用零卡路里的天然甜味劑Natvia替代糖,因此每100毫升的Pale Ink少於150卡路里(比伏特加少20%的卡路里)。對於注重健康的消費者來說,這是一種更健康的替代品,因為商業咖啡利口酒通常含有高達60克的糖,約400卡路里。

一般的咖啡利口酒通常用作調酒的配料,幾乎不會單飲,因為它通常被嚴重甜化。由於Pale Ink使用Natvia而不是糖,它的甜度更低,可以單飲品嚐。Perfume Trees Gin建議首次嘗試Pale Ink時,可以直接加冰單飲,或加入少量蘇打水或奎寧水品嚐。這些方法將最大程度地增強其咖啡香氣。除了製作像Espresso Martini這樣的經典雞尾酒食譜外,Pale Ink還可以作為甜點的絕佳選擇,例如經典的提拉米蘇。

酒精度25% / 500毫升

Pale Ink has floral and fruity tasting notes from the coffee beans, with White Champaca and Indian Sandalwood coming through from the Perfume Trees Gin spirit base. The aftertaste of the liqueur is of the rich coffee notes.

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