Pau Maui Hawaiian Vodka

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Pau Maui Vodka is handcrafted from locally sourced ingredients in the heart of the pineapple region of upcountry Maui using unique glass stills, Hawaiian spring water, and world-famous Muai gold pineapple, which takes 18 months to harvest, high sugar & low acid makes an ideal clean mask, blended with Hawaiian spring water, naturally and certified gluten-free.

40% ABV / 750ml

Pau Maui伏特加是在毛伊島的鳳梨地區中心使用獨特的玻璃蒸餾器、夏威夷泉水和世界著名的Muai金鳳梨,手工製作而成,採用當地的食材。金鳳梨需要18個月的時間才能收成,其高糖低酸的特性使其成為理想的清潔劑,與夏威夷泉水混合,天然和經認證的無麩質。

酒精度40% / 750毫升

Pau Maui Vodka is the only Vodka in the world made from Maui Gold Pineapples. Why start with Maui Gold Pineapples? Production for Pau Maui Vodka happens in the middle of Hawaiian pineapple fields that have been harvested for over a century with access to the best pineapple in the world. The extra sweet Maui Gold Pineapple is perfect for fermentation due to its high sugar content. Even though pineapples are used for fermentation in Pau Mau Vodka, there is no pineapple taste, instead we are left with a very clean and crisp premium vodka. Pineapples in Maui have the benefit of warm sunny days, cool nights, fresh water, and volcanic soil, allowing for clean fruit. Hawaiian pineapples take 18 months to grow but are only ripe in the field for 2-3 days. It is essential that pineapples are picked at the perfect time because pineapples will not continue to ripen once they are harvested. We only use pineapples that are picked at the optimal stage of ripeness to give Pau Maui Vodka the clean and refreshing finish for which it has become known.


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1½ oz PAU Maui Vodka
1 oz lime juice
1 oz pineapple juice
3 oz ginger beer
1 mint sprig
1 grilled pineapple slice
Crushed ice
Combine vodka with the lime and pineapple juices in a Moscow mule mug filled with ice. Stir to combine. Garnish with a grilled pineapple slice and a mint sprig.

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