Old Duff 100% Maltwine Genever

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A very old-school genever from the Netherlands, made using 100% malt wine, the rich grain spirit that gives genever its weighty character. While most genevers are lightened with some neutral spirit, this limited edition from Old Duff isn't, and its heavy and flavoursome character is unlike almost anything else out there. Excellent for making very classic cocktails – in the mid-1800s, this is what genever was – or just on its own.


45% ABV / 750ml

這是一款來自荷蘭的非常老派的杜杜酒,採用100%麥芽酒製成,這種豐潤的穀物烈酒賦予杜杜酒其沉重的特性。儘管大多數杜杜酒都會添加一些中性烈酒以增添輕盈感,但這款Old Duff的限量版卻不是如此,它的濃郁風味與眾不同。非常適合製作非常經典的雞尾酒——在19世紀中期,這就是杜杜酒——或者單獨品味。

酒精度45% / 750毫升

Aromas of brown bread, pepper and spice with a faint waft of hops. Flavours of sweet spice on the palate, with a rich maltiness and juniper on the finish.

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How we like to drink it

Dutch Negroni

45ml Old Duff Genever 100% Maltwine
30 ml Campari
30 ml sweet vermouth
An orange half-wheel or a large orange twist

Add the genever, Campari and sweet vermouth into a mixing glass with ice and stir until well-chilled.Strain into a chilled rocks glass filled with fresh ice.Garnish with an orange half-wheel or a large orange twist.

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