Nachtmann Vivendi Champagne Glass

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The Champagne Glass is perfect for light, fresh, dry champagnes, prosecco and sparkling wine.

Its slimline shape is great to encourage the bead in champagne and sparkling wine, making it the choice for those connoisseurs who are after a thin and elegant flute.

Vivendi by Nachtmann are elegant, contemporary glasses intended for daily use.

The design is totally committed to the clear Bauhaus style set down by Walter Gropius of ""form follows function"". It offers numerous undecorated glasses to provide users with an elegant and enjoyable drink. Diverse, practical and dishwasher safe, Vivendi is a series for every occasion.

This pack contains 4 pieces.
All NACHTMANN crystal items are dishwasher safe.



Vivendi by Nachtmann是一款優雅、現代的杯子,適合日常使用。





Volume: 272.0 ccm
Height: 236.0 mm
Box quantity: 4.0
Type of Manufacturing: machine-made
Material: Crystal

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