Mr Glover Central Otago Pinot Noir 2021

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Mr. Glover is Ben Glover. Marlborough born and bred, Ben is now on a mission to het his hands on a number of unique parcels of fruit from the most expressive single vineyard sites in New Zealand. Then, placing his stamp on them with his signature ‘hands off’ deftness to provide wines with powerful ‘sense of place’.


14.0% ABV

Mr. Glover指的是Ben Glover。出生於馬爾堡,Ben現在的使命是從新西蘭最具表現力的單一葡萄園產區中取得一些獨特的水果,然後以他的“不干預”技巧在它們上面打上他的標記,提供帶有強烈“地方感”的葡萄酒。


Color: Deep crimson red with purple hues
Nose: A fragrant bouquet of strawberry, blackberry and dark cherry are combined with a warming yet subtle oak spice
Palate: Elegant yet approachable, all the fruit aromas on the nose are carried through to the mid weight palate and balance beautifully with the toasty oak spice in the background. A gentle, lingering fruit finish gives this wine a well rounded, moreish mouthfeel

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