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Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

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Size 700ml

Sustainability Rating =000pts
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Made with 100% Arabica coffee from the top growing regions. Mr Black has a rich and intense coffee taste with a boozy, smooth finish.

Beyond Fair Trade, ethically sourced coffee from farm to glass.

Each bottle is made by hand at Mr Black's craft roastery and distillery, cold brewed by coffee experts. Arabica coffee is cold brewed to preserve all its complex aromas. The coffee is then blended with a pure vodka base to allow for the coffee's strength and flavours to shine through. No artificial flavouring or sugars. As a result, the liqueur tastes both sweet and bitter. 


23% ABV / 700ml


Mr Black咖啡酒精飲料是由來自頂級種植區的100%阿拉比卡咖啡製成,味道濃郁而強烈,帶有酒精和平滑的口感。

在公平貿易的基礎上,Mr Black使用從農場到玻璃杯的道德源頭咖啡。

每瓶酒都是在Mr Black的手工烘焙廠和蒸餾廠手工製作的,由咖啡專家進行冷萃製作。阿拉比卡咖啡採用冷萃技術保存其所有複雜的香氣。然後,將咖啡與純伏特加基酒混合,以展現咖啡的強烈和風味。沒有人工香料或糖分。因此,這款酒精飲料既甜又苦。

酒精度23% / 700毫升

Inviting aromas of freshly roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate and espresso.

Potent and espresso-forward palate with a lovely twist of caramel, cacao and dark chocolate.

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How we like to drink it


60ml Mr Black
30ml Espresso

Combine ingredients in the shaker with ice, shake hard and strain into coupette.

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