La Maison Fontaine Verte Absinthe

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La Maison Fontaine Verte is masterfully refined using an array of natural herbs including the world-renowned Pontarlier-grown Grande Absinthe. In combination with the natural herbal coloration this creates a classic floral Verte with rich herbal and peppery notes.

Connoisseurs believe that the perfect serve is to drip 3 measures of chilled water from an absinthe fountain over 1 measure of Fontaine Verte. This creates a stimulating, refreshing drink with a vintage green louche. Some prefer a more intense flavour and sip it neat or pour it over ice.


55% ABV/ 700ml

La Maison Fontaine Verte以多種天然草藥精心調製而成,包括世界知名的Pontarlier種植的Grande Absinthe。結合天然草本色素,創造出一款經典的花香Verte,帶有豐富的草本和辣椒味道。

行家相信,最完美的享用方式是從苦艾噴泉中滴入3份冰鎮水,再加1份Fontaine Verte。這會創造出一種刺激、清新的飲料,帶有古董綠色的混濁效果。有些人喜歡更濃烈的口味,可以純飲或加冰飲用。

酒精度55% / 700毫升。

A classic complex floral Verte with rich herbal & peppery notes

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