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Glendalough Wild Gin

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This is a labour intensive, thoughtfully-crafted, small batch spirit that captures the true essence of Glendalough. Using wild ingredients from mountains surrounding our distillery, each sip will transport you to our home in the Wicklow Mountains.


41% ABV / 700ml

這是一款耗時費力、經過深思熟慮、小批量生產的烈酒,捕捉到了格倫達洛(Glendalough)的真正精髓。我們使用來自蒸餾廠周圍山區的野生成分,每一口都能將你帶到我們在威克洛山脈(Wicklow Mountains)的家鄉。

酒精度為41%/ 700毫升。

Fresh spring notes with juniper, citrus, pine. A forest clearing in bloom.

Cool and mellow at first, rushing to nectarous Summer Flowers and hints of Autumn fruits finally giving way to warm, spice.

Glendalough forage wild plants from the mountains around the distillery. What we pick goes fresh into the still within hours of foraging. All the plants are sustainably foraged by one person, every day we distil.

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How we like to drink it

Bees Knees

60 ml Glendalough Wild Gin
20 ml Honey syrup (1:1 ratio, hot water to honey)
20 ml Fresh lemon juice
Garnish Lemon twist

Combine all ingredients in a shaker. Shake, then strain into a chilled glass and garnish.

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