Fernet Hunter

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Fernet Hunter is a fresh take on a classic Italian bitter. Using a recipe that dates back to the early 1900’s, this aromatic spirit is made from a select combination of botanicals, including Arnica, Orrisroot, and Lavender, which are found in and around the Austrian town and forest of Brunnwald.

These herbs and spices are handpicked and dried during the hunting season, hence the name, and utilizing a low-temperature infusion method, the true essence of each ingredient is extracted, giving Fernet Hunter its unique character and balance.


29% ABV/ 700ml

Fernet Hunter是對經典的意大利苦味酒的新詮釋。使用可以追溯到20世紀初的配方,這種芳香型烈酒由一系列精選的植物組成,包括在奧地利布倫瓦爾德鎮和森林周圍發現的山金車、鳶尾根和薰衣草。

這些草藥和香料在狩獵季節期間手工採摘和晾乾,因此得名“獵人”,並且採用低溫浸泡方法,提取每種成分的真正精華,賦予Fernet Hunter其獨特的風味和平衡。

酒精度為29%/ 700毫升

floral, round, silky, hint of lime zest

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