Fair Passion Fruit Liqueur

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A sweet and fruity passion fruit liqueur from Fair that is made with passion fruit from Peru. The palate offers notes of lychee and passion fruit, making this an excellent addition to fruit-forward cocktails or simply drizzled over vanilla ice cream or lemon sorbet.


22% ABV/ 700ml


酒精度為22%/ 700毫升

Style: Clear, golden
Nose: Fresh passionfruit with flavors of litchee
Palate: Sweet but not syrupy with fresh and delightful passionfruit notes.
Finish: Light and still powerful. Passionfruit and litchee zest balanced by citric acidity

FAIR brand was built on a mission to support farmers in developing economies. When you buy FAIR Spirits, you can be sure that workers who grow the crops are paid a fair price so they can first sustain for their families.


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1 1/2 oz FAIR Passion fruit liqueur
2 oz FAIR Vodka
1/2 oz vanilla syrup
1/2 lime juice

Garnish with a fresh passion fruit cut in half and placed on top the drink.

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