Delinquente Pretty Boy Nero d'Avola Rosato 2022

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Wild fermented in stainless steel, Nero d’Avola is a native Sicilian variety that is perfectly suited to the hot, dry climate of the Riverland. After crushing, the fruit was left to soak on skins for 6 hours, giving the wine it’s the lovely blush pink colour – maybe a little lighter than the previous few years.

The cooler vintage conditions meant that acids remained high, even as sugar levels increased and flavours developed, meaning we have a little higher ABV than previous years, but also more depth of flavour, whilst not compromising freshness and drinkability.

12% ABV/ 750ml

這款Nero d'Avola是在不鏽鋼桶中野生發酵的,是一種原生於西西里的葡萄品種,非常適合河陸地區炎熱乾燥的氣候。在搗碎後,水果浸泡在皮膚上6個小時,賦予了這款葡萄酒可愛的淡粉色色澤 - 可能比前幾年略淺一些。



A certain elegance – these fruit forward flavours persist, while the classic Nero d’Avola acidity comes in to keep things fresh and crunchy

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