Cullen Rosé Moon 2022

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The Rose Moon Pet Nat is made in the traditional style where sugars are fermented to 14gm/l and then put straight to bottle. You cannot find a more pure example of a wine in terms of additions. It is simply fermented biodynamic grape juice. This natural sparkling wine is created from 51% Sauvignon Blanc, 47% Semillon and 2% Malbec harvested on flower days from Mangan Vineyard. Both varieties had overnight skin contact before pressing. Both white varieties had overnight skin contact and were co-fermented. No fining or filtration.

9.0% ABV

Rose Moon Pet Nat是以傳統方式製成的氣泡酒,將糖分發酵至14gm/l,然後直接裝瓶。在添加方面,您不會找到更純淨的葡萄酒。它僅是由生物動力學葡萄汁發酵而成的。這款天然氣泡葡萄酒由51%的長相思、47%的塞米隆和2%的馬爾貝克在Mangan葡萄園的花日收成。兩種品種在榨汁前都進行了一夜的皮膚接觸。兩種白葡萄品種進行了共同發酵。不添加任何澄清劑或過濾劑。


Colour: Dusky Pink
Bouquet: Dazzling array of tropical fruits, white flowers and citrus
Food: Wonderful wine with Antipasto
Roses, tropical fruits, white flower, beautiful texture and length and above all freshness.

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