Bruichladdich Octomore Scottish Barley 12.2

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Octomore 12.2 follows in the footsteps of previous Sauternes legends. The now infamous Octomore 4.2 (Comus) became one of the most acclaimed and sought- after whiskies in our distillery’s portfolio, confirming that heavy peat smoke combined with sweet dessert wine of Sauternes is an incredible pairing. This Octomore 12.2 would spend three and a half years in ex-American oak casks, building a solid foundation of fruity and floral spirit in our lochside warehouses before being recasked in to impeccable quality Sauternes casks. The pivotal role of the Sauternes casks would add 18 months of supercharged fruit. Melon, white peach, honeysuckle and coconut add a real twist and sweetness to compliment the peat smoke of this heavily phenolic malt.


57.3% ABV / 700ml

Octomore 12.2跟隨以前Sauternes傳奇的脚步。現在臭名昭著的Octomore 4.2(Comus)成為了我們酒廠組合中最受讚譽和追捧的威士忌之一,證實了重泥炭煙燻與Sauternes甜點酒的組合是一種令人難以置信的搭配。這款Octomore 12.2將花費三年半的時間在舊美國橡木桶中,為我們的湖邊倉庫建立了一個果香和花香的堅實基礎,然後再次裝入品質卓越的Sauternes酒桶中。Sauternes酒桶的關鍵作用將添加18個月的超級水果。甜瓜、白桃、金銀花和椰子為這種高酚麥芽的泥炭煙燻增添了真正的扭曲和甜味。

57.3%酒精度 / 700毫升

Beautiful notes of melon, honey and smoked almonds initially. Toasted oak and earthy smoke are held back by layers of fruit and honey. There is orange peel, peaches, ripe sweet melon, a lemon and honey combination all wrapped in a malted grain sweetness. Dried apple and pear drops come next with a wave of peat smoke and toasted oak, releasing earthy and pine resin notes.

Lusciously soft and sweet as the fruit sweeps across the palate, lemon zest and vanilla pods come to the fore with melon and orange blossom. Another sip highlights the structure the French oak brings with caramel, baking spices and a touch of dryness carrying the smoke and the malt sweetness. Always the presence of ripe fruit drizzled in syrup speaks of the influence of the Sauternes casks.

On the finish, a salty lemon tang arrives as the fruit and oak fade a little. That lovely earthy peat smoke moves in to dominate the finish and stamp the Octomore DNA all over this dram.

Since 2020, 100% of the distillery’s electricity is sourced renewably in the UK.

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