Avallen Calvados FrugalPac Paper Bottle

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A delish drink that gives bees a boost AND is genuinely sustainable? Say hello to Avallen Calvados! The brand’s founders are on a mission to make the world better: as part of the 1% for the Planet movement, they make donations to organisations that protect bees and help them thrive, partly through planting more than 10,000 wild flowers in the next three years.

The production story is a tasty one, too: Avallen is made without sugar, caramel or boisé (a wood extract sometimes used to add colour to Calvados) – literally just good old apples and water – before it’s aged in French oak barrels for at least two years. In keeping with the general apple theme, the bottle’s label has even been printed on recycled apple pulp paper!

40% ABV / 700ml

一款美味的飲料不僅能幫助蜜蜂,還能真正實現可持續性?讓我們招呼一下Avallen Calvados!該品牌的創始人致力於使世界變得更美好:作為“1%為地球計劃”的一部分,他們向保護蜜蜂並幫助其繁衍的組織捐款,其中一部分通過在未來三年種植超過10,000朵野花來實現。

生產故事也很美味:Avallen不含糖、焦糖或boisé(一種有時用於添加Calvados顏色的木材提取物) - 真正的只有好老蘋果和水 - 然後在法國橡木桶中陳釀至少兩年。為了保持蘋果的整體主題,瓶子的標籤甚至是印刷在回收的蘋果漿紙上!

40%酒精度 / 700毫升

The nose is a freshly cooked apple pie with a hint of vanilla custard. Its body is a richly warming with cinnamon, vanilla and star anise. Finally, the finish is a lingering toffee apple finish.

Every bottle of Avallen made removes 2.73kg of CO2e from the atmosphere (without external offsetting)!

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How we like to drink it


50ml Avallen Calvados
Tonic water
2 dash of your favourite bitters (optional)

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