Fernet Hunter Granit

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Fernet Hunter Granit is the second generation of the original Fernet Hunter and the second collaboration between father and son (Holzer/Holzer).

A true bitter, what separates Fernet Hunter Granit from Fernet Hunter is its dryness, increased bitter notes, and decreased sugar content. In addition to Arnica, Orrisroot, and Lavender, Fernet Hunter Granit is also made with Chamomile, which provides a strong aromatic character and complexity to this unique bitter.

 29% ABV/ 700ml

Fernet Hunter Granit是原始Fernet Hunter的第二代產品,也是父親和兒子(Holzer / Holzer)的第二次合作。

作為真正的苦味酒,Fernet Hunter Granit與Fernet Hunter的區別在於其乾燥度、苦味強度增加和糖分含量減少。除了使用山金車、鳶尾根和薰衣草之外,Fernet Hunter Granit還使用了洋甘菊,為這款獨特的苦味酒提供了強烈的芳香特性和複雜性。

酒精度為29%/ 700毫升。

Naturally long for the bitterness

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