Te Mānia Sauvignon Blanc 2019

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Nelson, South Island, New Zealand

Te Mānia (the Maori name for “The Plains”) is a family-owned Nelson winery, located near the beautiful coastline of Tasman Bay. Their vineyards flourish on the ancient alluvial terraces through which rivers flow from the mountains to the sea. These stony soils, combined with Nelson’s cool maritime climate and high sunshine hours, produce grapes and wines of the finest quality.

The Te Mania Sauvignon Blanc is delightfully aromatic with citrus, gooseberry, green apple and fresh herbs. 

Sauvignon Blanc is ideally suited to the Nelson region where a combination of warm, sunny days and cool autumn nights, help to create the intense varietal flavours for which this flagship New Zealand wine is recognized. 


13.5% ABV / 750ml


Te Mānia(毛利語名稱為“The Plains”)是一家家族式經營的納爾遜酒莊,位於美麗的塔斯曼灣海岸線附近。他們的葡萄園繁茂於古老的冲積平臺上,河流從山脈流向大海。這些石質土壤,加上納爾遜涼爽的海洋氣候和高日照時數,產生出最優質的葡萄和葡萄酒。

Te Mania Sauvignon Blanc有著迷人的香氣,帶有柑橘、鵝莓、青蘋果和新鮮草本味道。

Sauvignon Blanc非常適合種植在納爾遜地區,那裡結合了溫暖陽光的日子和涼爽的秋夜,有助於創造出這個新西蘭旗艦葡萄酒所認可的強烈品種風味。

酒精度13.5%/ 750毫升

A mouth-filling palate showing delicious citrus, gooseberry, green apple and tropical fruit flavours with typical minerally edge. Rich and concentrated, the mid-palate shows genuine breadth and the overall impression remains clean, ripe and fresh.

Te Mania are estate grown wines which are certified organic as they believe in treading lightly on the environment while giving a true sense of ‘place’ to their wines.

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