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Seedlip Spice 94

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Size 700ml

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The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits - Seedlip.

A complex blend of aromatic, Jamaican all spice berry & cardamom distillates with two barks and a bright citrus peel finish. Serve with Indian tonic water and a red grapefruit twist.
The name '94' refers to 1494, the year Christopher Columbus discovered all spice berries in Jamaica, from which Spice 94 is exclusively sourced.


No Alcohol. No Calories. No Sugar.

Seedlip is the first distilled, non-alcoholic spirit in the world. Seedlip is the original distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Founded by Ben Branson in 2015, Seedlip marries his over 300-year English farming heritage with an obsession for nature & affinity for design. Seedlip is intended to foster good hospitality & inclusivity by providing a sophisticated option for what to drink when you're not drinking.


0% ABV / 700ml

Seedlip - 世界上第一款蒸餾的無酒精飲料。


名稱“94”指的是1494年,克里斯托弗·哥倫佈在牙買加發現多香果,Seedlip Spice 94就是從那裡獨家獲得的。


Seedlip是世界上第一款蒸餾的無酒精飲料。 Seedlip是最初的蒸餾無酒精飲料。由本·布蘭森於2015年創立,Seedlip將他超過300年的英國農業傳統與對自然的痴迷和對設計的親和力相結合。 Seedlip旨在通過提供一種精緻的選擇來促進良好的款待和包容性,為您在不喝酒時喝什麼提供選擇。

0%酒精度/ 700毫升

Potent spicy aroma of allspice berries and cardamom on the nose with hints of citrus. Spicy flavor of allspice with a touch of lemon and grapefruit peel with a following long bitter flavor from top-notch barks.

Seedlip measure their carbon footprint, so they can reduce it to an acceptable level to offset supporting initiatives that ensure they can keep growing their ingredients and they will be carbon neutral by the end of 2022.

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How we like to drink it


Seedlip Spice 94 60ml
Agave Syrup 15ml
Hibiscus Tea 30ml
Fresh Lime Juice 7ml

Lightly muddle all ingredients in a shaker. Add ice & shake & strain over ice. Garnish wth a Star Anise and a half-rim of Spiced Sugar-Salt.

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