Sea Change Syrah Rosé 2021

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Pays D’Oc IGP, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Neighbouring Provence with an equally stunning Mediterranean coastline consisting of sun-drenched beaches, azure seas and bijou bistros, it’s not a huge surprise to learn that the Languedoc also produces incredible rosé wines. Days lost in chic beachfront cafés, vistas through the hue of a sunglass lens, a crisp ice cold rosé in hand… you can picture the scene. This is exactly the type of coastal environment we want to help protect with Sea Change, so we can all continue to enjoy it in the future. There’s no better way to achieve this than by relaxing with a refreshing glass of Sea Change Rosé.

 ABV 12.5%/750ml

法國朗格多克-魯西永地區的Pays D'Oc IGP

與Provence接壤的朗格多克-魯西永地區同樣擁有令人驚嘆的地中海海岸線,包括陽光普照的海灘、湛藍的海洋和精緻的小餐館,因此,得知朗格多克也生產了令人難以置信的玫瑰酒,並不會讓人感到意外。在時尚的海濱咖啡館度過的日子,透過太陽眼鏡鏡片看到的美景,手中握著清爽的冰冷玫瑰酒......您可以想象到這個場景。這正是我們想要通過Sea Change保護的沿海環境,以便我們所有人都可以在未來繼續享受它。沒有比放鬆休息,享用一杯清爽的Sea Change玫瑰酒更好的方式了


Pale pink
A bouquet of aromatic fresh flavours
Sea Change Rosé is dry and balanced on the palate, with an elegant, mouthwatering acidity that compliments its fruity notes

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Sea Change have minimised all their packaging to reduce their environmental impact. They use lighter-weight glass bottles, renewable plant-based closures and label paper from sustainable forests made in part from grape waste.

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