Sea Change Merlot 2022

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Sea Change Merlot 2022

Pays D’Oc IGP, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Here at Sea Change Wine we love the Languedoc. One of the most fascinating regions in France, it offers spectacular coastlines, rugged castles and wonderful cuisine – as well as being the destination of a now infamous team trip! We believe the Languedoc is one of the most exciting and diverse wine regions in Europe and possibly France’s answer to the ‘New World’. The consistent climate helps indigenous grape varieties like Carignan flourish alongside more mainstream favourites such as our cracking Sea Change Merlot. A grape that can really do no wrong, it’s chock-full of dark fruit flavour whilst remaining soft and approachable. There is a reason that Merlot is one of the world's most popular grape varieties!

A beautiful wine even in its youth, but it will continue to improve over the next 2-3 years.

We think French red wines offer some of the best food matching opportunities around. As for Sea Change Merlot, try it with a mushroom risotto or a roast rib of beef with all the trimmings (on a Sunday) – it’s hard to beat.

By purchasing this wine you are helping to fund ocean conservation education programmes both in the UK and around the world. We think it’s vitally important that the current generation is brought up with a better understanding of our impact on the planet than those before them.

13.5% ABV / 750ml


在Sea Change Wine,我們熱愛朗格多克。這是法國最迷人的地區之一,提供壯麗的海岸線、崎嶇的城堡和美食,也是一個著名的旅遊勝地!我們認為朗格多克是歐洲最令人興奮和多樣化的葡萄酒產區之一,可能是法國對“新世界”的回應。持續的氣候有助於像Carignan這樣的土著葡萄品種繁榮,同時也有更主流的喜愛品種,比如我們令人驚嘆的Sea Change梅洛。這種葡萄品種可以說是完美無瑕,充滿了黑色水果風味,同時柔軟易接近。梅洛是世界上最受歡迎的葡萄品種之一,這其中有很多原因!


我們認為法國紅酒提供了一些最好的食物搭配機會。至於Sea Change梅洛,試試用它來搭配蘑菇燉飯或烤牛肋骨(星期天)- 無可匹敵。


13.5%酒精度/ 750毫升

Sea Change Merlot is crammed with flavours of delicious summer fruits and hints of green pepper on the nose. We think the subtle spice and soft tannins on the palate compliment the ripe berry flavours resulting in a delicious full bodied red wine that is surprisingly easy to drink!

Sea Change have minimised all their packaging to reduce their environmental impact. They use lighter-weight glass bottles, renewable plant-based closures and label paper from sustainable forests made in part from grape waste.

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