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Ron Colón Salvadoreño Coffee Infused High Proof Rum

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Not content with just making one impressive rum, the Ron Colón Salvadoreño team went ahead and created its very own Coffee Infused Rum as well! Made with the same tasty blend as Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rum (featuring aged rum from El Salvador's Licorera Cihuatan Distillery, unaged Jamaican rums from Worthy Park, Hampden and Monymusk, plus aged Worthy Park rum), this expression introduces bourbon coffee beans from El Salvador to the mix. Working with the Jags Head Coffee team, whole coffee beans are cold-infused in the rum for 48 hours, imparting the flavoursome, fruity, subtly toasty richness to the spirit in a way that still lets the rum shine through.


 55.5% ABV / 700ml

Ron Colón Salvadoreño團隊不僅僅製作了一款令人印象深刻的朗姆酒,還推出了自己的咖啡調味朗姆酒!這款酒使用了與Ron Colón Salvadoreño朗姆酒相同的美味混合物(包括來自薩爾瓦多Licorera Cihuatan酒廠的陳年朗姆酒,來自Worthy Park、Hampden和Monymusk的未陳年的牙買加朗姆酒,以及陳年的Worthy Park朗姆酒),並加入了來自薩爾瓦多的波旁咖啡豆。與Jags Head Coffee團隊合作,整顆咖啡豆在朗姆酒中冷浸泡48小時,以一種讓朗姆酒仍然顯著的方式,賦予酒精豐富的果味、微妙的烤麵包口感。

酒精度55.5% / 700毫升。

Stewed berries, overripe banana, toasted brown sugar, espresso, fragrant vanilla and walnut.

Ron Colon use Wine bottles to housse their Rum, rather than using a bespoke made glass bottle.

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How we like to drink it


50ml RCS Coffee Rum
Tonic water
Walnet bitters
Orange zest garnish

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