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Quiquiriqui Mezcal

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Quiquiriqui Mezcal Matatlan is produced with 100% agave Espadin in the village of Santiago Matatlan, famed for its long history of mezcal production. The agaves are locally harvested and traditionally roasted in underground pits, crushed using a tahona, and then fermented outside in oak vats relying on natural airborne yeasts. The fermented mixture is then double distilled in small copper stills. Quiquiriqui Matatlan mezcal is a classic “house style” mezcal that can be used for cocktails as well. It has distinct roasted agave flavours and a peppery finish that is characteristic of mezcals produced from agave Espadin.


45% ABV / 700ml

Quiquiriqui Mezcal Matatlan使用100%的Espadin龍舌蘭,在聞名於其悠久的美斯卡爾生產歷史的Santiago Matatlan村莊生產。這些龍舌蘭是當地採摘的,傳統上在地下坑中烤製,使用tahona研磨,然後在橡木桶中在室外依靠自然空氣中的酵母發酵。發酵混合物然後在小銅蒸餾器中進行雙重蒸餾。Quiquiriqui Matatlan美斯卡爾是經典的“家庭風格”美斯卡爾,也可以用於調製雞尾酒。它具有獨特的烤龍舌蘭風味和辣椒般的收結,這是使用Espadin龍舌蘭生產的美斯卡爾的特點。

酒精度45% / 700毫升

The nose is creamy and buttery, like a really rich chardonnay, but add vanilla sweetness, floral scents, lemon, and a hint of smoke to that and you get a light and flowery freshness.

QuiQuiRiQui Mezcal is handmade by the Medez Family from Santiago Matatlan .

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How we like to drink it

35ml of Quiquiriqui Mezcal
15ml of Merlet Trois Citrus
25ml of fresh lime juice
10ml agave syrup
Smoked Sea Salt

Add all the ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into the glass over cubed ice.

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