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Peddlers Shanghai Craft Gin

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Born on the back streets of Shanghai, the hustle and bustle charm of the world’s biggest trading port was the perfect inspiration from a more adventurous gin.

The Peddlers gin won multiple awards from the San Francisco World Spirits Awards and CWSA. A fusion of eleven rare botanicals. Notes of Buddha’s hand, Sichuan pepper and lotus combine with juniper and other organic botanicals for a distinctive yet perfectly blended gin.

45.7 ABV / 750ml

Peddlers gin是在上海的小巷中誕生的,世界最大貿易港口的繁華魅力是一個更為冒險的氈酒的完美靈感。

Peddlers gin在舊金山世界烈酒大賽和CWSA中贏得了多個獎項。它融合了十一種罕見的植物,佛手柑、四川胡椒和蓮花的味道與杜松子和其他有機植物相結合,形成了獨特而完美混合的氈酒。

酒精度45.7% / 750毫升

Peddlers' gin are barrel-aged, spending three months resting and refining in French oak barrels that previously housed Napa Valley pinot noir . As a result, the gin's flavour boasts notes of Pinot Noir grapes and fresh stone fruit, in addition to smooth caramel and smoked Sichuan pepper.

Drinking Peddler's is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint when living in Hong Kong.

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Peddlers Gin
Fresh pineapple juice
Honey chilli syrup
East Imperial Burma tonic

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