Minimum Hailstorm Special Pét Nat 2020

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Minimum Wines grow their grapes on 125-acre vineyard near Toolamba, on the Goulburn River in Victoria, which is certified organic and uses regenerative principles. They will never use synthetic inputs and only add naturally derived inputs where needed to help improve soil microbiology, nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration and vine health. A mindful wines, made for humans. With respect for the land they come from, and the people who drink them.

A peachy/pear, ancient-style sparkling, hand-bottled with friends, full of sunshine and love. Biscuity, crisp and moreish.

100% natural Pét Nat in honour of the early-season hailstorm that nearly wiped out the entire crop. Grapes picked early, at dawn. Sangiovese and Chardonnay co-fermented on Chardonnay skins only. Unfined, unfiltered, wild-fermented, hand-bottled, no sulphur. 50% sans-skins Sangiovese + 50% skin-contact Chardonnay

Wild-fermented. It is also certified organic and certified vegan.

12.5% ABV / 750ml

Minimum Wines在維多利亞州Goulburn River附近的Toolamba種植他們的葡萄,占地125英畝的葡萄園經過有機認證,並使用再生原則。他們永遠不會使用合成輸入,只在需要時添加天然衍生輸入,以幫助改善土壤微生物學、營養循環、碳固定和葡萄健康。這是一款考慮周到的葡萄酒,為人們製作而成。尊重他們來自土地和飲用者的人。


100%天然Pét Nat,致敬早期的冰雹風暴幾乎摧毀了整個作物。清晨採摘的葡萄。桑嬌韋塞和霞多麗共同發酵,只用霞多麗皮。未濾,野生發酵,手工裝瓶,無二氧化硫。50%不加皮膚的桑嬌韋塞 + 50%接觸皮膚的霞多麗。


酒精度12.5% / 750毫升。

Sherbety, leesy, crisp peachy pear.

Minimum compost its grape marc (the solid material leftover from pressing the grapes) to fertilize the vineyard soil, and packages using 100 per cent recyclable materials, particularly cork.

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