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Langley’s First Chapter Gin

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The story of Langley’s firmly anchored in English history and adheres to the rule of English crafted gin, focused on minimal botanicals with juniper as the rightful hero hence the slogan. “GIN. AS IT SHOUND BE”. It is an aspirational home to classic, quality gins styled for modern settings.

Their ultimate ambition is to become the most sustainable yet accessible gin brand in the market, committed to excellence gin production, but also to the quest of sustainability. Langley’s partners with Panthera and 1% for the planet as part of this mission to create positive impact.

38% ABV / 750ml

Langley's的故事根植於英國歷史,秉持著英國手工製作氈酒的原則,注重使用極少的草本植物,以杜松子為主角,因此標語是“GIN. AS IT SHOUND BE”。它是經典、高品質酒的理想之地,適合現代設置的風格。

他們的最終目標是成為市場上最可持續、最容易接觸的酒品牌,致力於優秀酒生產,同時也致力於追求可持續性。Langley's與Panthera和1% for the planet合作,作為創造積極影響的一部分。

酒精度38% / 750毫升

Moderate hit of juniper is followed by citrus peel and delicate spicing. Light, smooth and very refreshing as a classic G&T.

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How we like to drink it

Queen's English

50ml Langley’s First Chapter Gin
150ml Premium Tonic Water
5ml Limoncello (optional)
Add the gin and limoncello to a cocktail shaker half filled with ice. Strain into a glass with a large ice cube and lemon wedge. Add the tonic water and stir gently. Top with a sprig of thyme

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